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At Anytime Locksmiths Richmond, your home and office security is our business. Professional, insured and experienced locksmiths cater to the Commercial and Residential sectors, an auto locksmiths are available for car lock outs or other vehicle lock security problems.

Commercial Locksmiths

Do you work in Richmond or own a commercial property or warehouse in Greater London? If the contents and structure is important we advise having a security assessment to ensure you are not at risk to break in and theft. Not many business owners are aware of the many vulnerabilities there are in their property security. Weak window or door locks, simple standard safe combination locks and poor lighting or lack of cameras in the correct locations are just some of the issues your may need to deal with.

Break ins to businesses are often calculated and intentional and the steps taken to prevent this must be on an even higher level. A professional security expert has the tools and knowledge to create a custom security design plan for each client. You don't want to fit high-security cylinder locking devices featuring anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-bump after your lock cylinder was snapped or bumped using an easily obtained master key by an intruder.

London Locksmith Service

Anytime Locksmiths Richmond takes the security of the residents and businesses in Richmond and throughout south west London very seriously. A professional locksmith can change locks, install new locks, re key, add biometric locks or digital locks, entry access systems and cameras , provide tips and advice and ensure your property is as secure as possible.

Our Emergency Locksmiths are on call 24 hours a day to help with lock in, lock outs, jammed or broken lock and lost or stolen keys. Service is fast and friendly and satisfaction guaranteed. We also provide an emergency auto locksmiths service for cars and other vehicles whose keys may have snapped in the ignition, gotten lost or broken.

Of course, all our locksmith services are reasonably priced and can suit the work according to your budget and needs.


How different can one lock be from another? What is the difference between a Chubb lock, a cylinder lock, a mortice lever lock and any other? Isn't a lock just a lock? These are some of the question we get at Richmond locksmiths and our friendly technicians are happy to explain the differences between the number of cylinder or pins and levers and how these affect the lock strength. Here is a quick breakdown of the most common lock types in the UK.

  • Euro Cylinder Lock: Usually fitted to internal doors such as uPVC and aluminum doors these have a cylinder which can be easily unscrewed and replaced as apposed to changing the whole lock case. The standard euro cylinder is a low security lock, which can easily be snapped in a matter of seconds and is being recommended to replace these to break secure, or anti-snap cylinders, which are specifically designed to combat lock-snapping.
  • Night Latch: usually fitted to wooden doors, the night latch automatically locks itself (by springing back to a locked position) and can be opened from the inside by a handle on the back of the lock.
  • Mortice Dead-Lock: Usually fitted to a wooden door, these are mainly secondary locks fitted as a requirement for insurance purposes. The number of levers vary the more levers the higher the security. A handle and key are needed to open these doors. With the right number of levers and correct bolt length these are sometimes referred to as British standard locks.

There are many famous lock brands such as Yale, Chubb, Era, Banham, Bramah and Multlock and all our local locksmiths London carry a selection of the different brands an lock types so you can get advice, purchase and install your new locks all at the same time saving you time and money.

Richmond locksmiths in South West London is the number one London locksmith service provider - CALL TODAY 020 8432 6096.

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