Home Security For Single Mums

single mums securityA burglar broke into a single mother's home in Essex on a Monday afternoon earlier this year. The mother,who happened to be out in the garden at the time with her two year old daughter, saw somebody moving around on the second floor of her home. She understood immediately that this was an attempted burglary, and made way her way to the shed at the other side of her garden, hoping to avoid confrontation with the burglar, which may endanger their lives. Once in the shed, she immediately called 999 and informed them of a burglary. Thankfully a patrol car was on duty nearby and was able respond immediately. Upon arriving at the scene of the burglary, the intruder who was still onsite was upheld and arrested.

Single Parents Suffer Twice More Burglaries Than Other Households

Being a single Parent is a heavy responsibility, and being alone with your child is seen by burglars as an opportunistic situation. Wanting to keep safe, means knowing the potential dangers and taking preventative measures.

Home security isn't just having a lock installed on your front door, it involves understanding the vulnerabilities of your home and making sure you have sufficient security in place.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to securing your home and loved ones, and there is much you can read on the internet and our blog on the subject.

If you are concerned whether you have proper security in place, you can call us and arrange for a home security survey. We are currently offering singles mums a 10% discount on all lock installations, and encourage single mums to contact us with any home security concerns they may have.

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