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The Importance of Proper Lock Installation

Proper lock installation is paramount in ensuring the safety and security of any space. A lock's efficacy is not solely based on its design but significantly influenced by its correct installation.
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The BS3621 5 Lever Deadbolt

The 5 lever deadbolt lock BS3621. Find out more about the this lock which has become a standard in homes throughout the UK.
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Burglary prevention single parents

With single parents suffering twice more burglaries than other households. Having adequate security will ensure the safety of your home.
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A Guide to Home Security

Everybody wants to stay secure. However, not everyone knows the best way to prevent their home from being robbed. Use our visual infographic to understand the entry points for a break-in and how to stay safe.
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Why Burglars Love Sliding Glass Doors

A weakness in your home's security could be your sliding glass door. It takes an... Why thieves love sliding glass doors. Many of the things. sliding glass door because it offers very little resistance.
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Tips to Improve Your Home's Security

You want to protect your home, family and belongings, but a monthly home security system is to costly. Don't worry, There are several things you can do to increase the security of your home for free or next to nothing.
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What is home Insurance and why do you need it?

Interested in knowing more about home insurance? Debating whether or not you should take out a home insurance policy? Read more about home and content insurance in your home and details of the leading home insurance policy offered by Barclays.
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