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Auto Locksmith Service

UK's leading locksmith service for car lockouts, broken car keys, lost car keys, vehicle entry, damaged locks and ignition repair. We offer a 24 hour emergency auto locksmith service by reliable locksmiths with a rapid response of just 30-40 minutes. We are the #1 local auto locksmith in the UK, and operate branches throughout the country to ensure we are near customers

Replacement Car Keys

Key replacement is not simply a matter of cutting a key to fit. Since 1995 all cars are fitted with security systems to prevent theft. Making a new car key involves precisely cutting the keys as well as programming central locking and transponders to communicate with the car's ECU. If you do not have a spare key you would be well advised to contact a locksmith for a key duplication which is much easier to produce than a new key. In the event you are stuck our auto locksmiths can provide onsite assistance. In some cases our locksmith may be able to cut a key from the door lock and program a transponder chip by extracting relevant information from the cars immobiliser box. Different car makes and models have different types of immobiliser boxes and ECU systems. Only professional and experienced auto locksmiths with the correct tools and using the latest car key technology can replace your keys correctly.

At Anytime Locksmiths auto locksmith service you can be rest assured that whatever price you are paying is a fraction of the manufacturer's price and our onsite assistance while you wait means no need to tow your vehicle or wait for them to order in new parts.

Lost Car Keys or Stolen Car Keys

If you think your car keys have been lost or stolen, first thing to do is to retrace your steps to make sure you did not put them down somewhere. Ask your family or colleagues at work if they saw them around. More often than not you will find your keys in a different zipper compartment or under some work papers. If your keys are really lost, Anytime Locksmiths auto locksmith can help you with key copying or replacing and nondestructive vehicle entry. Our fast and friendly local locksmiths carry blank keys and specialized tools so they can help you wherever you are stuck.

Car Lockouts - Vehicle Entry

Locked your key in the car or boot? Anytime Locksmiths emergency auto locksmith service deals with this on a daily basis and is available for you at any time of day or night. Our 24/7 local locksmiths offer roadside assistance at a rapid response of usually 30-40 minutes or less. As professional locksmiths with lots of experience technicians can gain entry to your vehicle, be it a Volvo or Vauxhall without causing damage to your car.

Damaged Locks

If your lock is damaged or your key stuck we are here to help. Whether your key is stuck in the ignition and won't turn or it just won't go all the way in, we can repair most locks on site and if necessary replace them. Don't try to force the lock as you will most likely break the key, call Anytime Locksmiths on 0330 088 2969 for a local car locksmith who can help.

Auto locksmith service at Anytime Locksmiths - the solution to all car lock and key problems.

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