The 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

If you have been wondering what a BS3621 lock is, after being informed that it is a requirement for your home insurance policy, read on.

This lock which has become a standard in homes throughout the UK, was created with the intention of significantly increasing the security levels of exterior entrances on a property. The most significant feature of the BS3621 is the 5 lever deadbolt, for which it is famous. The lock is suitable for external doors made from timber and some steel doors.

Why is it so important to check if you have a BS3621 lock installed?

Well for a start, it can withstand most amateur attempts of lock picking, drilling and forced break in attempts. In addition to this, property's that don't have the minimal security requirements of BS3621 locks may not receive compensation in cases of theft. We recommend you check, that your existing doors locks are certificated to BS3621 standard. If your lock is certified you will clearly see the British standard kitemark on the face plate of the lock.

BS3621 Deadbolt Features

  • Suitable for timber doors and some steel doors hinged on the left or right.
  • Deadbolt can be locked and unlocked by a key from either side.
  • An extended 20mm single throw deadbolt for secure positive deadlocking.
  • Brass deadbolt and hardened steel rollers.
  • Anti pick, Anti drill & Anti saw security features.
  • Uses brass levers with phosphor springs.
  • Hardened steel spindles in the brass deadbolt or a hardened steel deadbolt to prevent the cutting of the deadbolt.
  • Steel plates over the lock casing are hardened to prevent drilling.
  • Cylinders that operate the the lock must be certified to BS EN 1303 as having Grade 5 key security, minimum Grade 0 attack resistance and a Grade 2 drill attack resistance.

The deadbolt lock case must be fitted with an anti drill hard plate, with a curtain on the lock itself to prevent lock picking using wires.

Our technicians are experts in all areas of lock and key security and can carry out on site installations of BS3621 locks. We encourage you to call us regarding all you security concerns and needs, our professionalism and experience is what ensures the security of our clients.

BS3621 Deadbolt Lock

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