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Anytime Locksmiths of Bexley

The London Borough of Bexley is an Outer London borough in south-east London, the local authority is Bexley London Borough Council.

Bexley sees the safety and security of its community to be its utmost importance and Anytime Locksmiths of Bexley plays a vital role in creating awareness and ensuring proper security is installed in local homes and businesses.

Anytime Locksmiths of Bexley has been providing locksmith services and 24 hour Emergency Locksmith services to the community for over 30 years with 100% satisfaction. Our Anytime Locksmiths of Bexley branch has become an integral part of the community, providing 24 hour locksmith service and security solutions to Residential, Business and Car owners. Our team of qualified technicians, are dedicated to providing fast and professional service at an affordable competitive price.

Our Emergency Locksmiths are on call 24 hours a day to help with lock in, lock outs, jammed or broken locks and lost or stolen keys. Anytime Locksmiths Service is fast, Prompt, friendly and satisfaction guaranteed. No matter whether you are around the corner or at the outskirts of the borough we can be on site within 40 minutes.

Anytime Locksmiths Offers a Range of Services:

Our locksmiths are fast, friendly, dependable and reliable. It is our commitment to service, that ensures your satisfaction.

Call us today at 020 3598 0769 and we'll answer any security questions you might have.

You experienced a burglary, what should u do?

If you have experienced an event of burglary or theft you should contact the Metropolitan Police immediately.

  1. Get your home secured as quickly as possible and call Anytime Locksmiths to have your locks changed immediately. If you are in rented housing, contact your landlord about any repairs.
  2. Get in touch with agencies that can help and advise you, to reduce the likelihood of this happening again.
  3. Research ways of increasing the security of your home. Some security measures can be expensive but there are also cheaper options available. Contact us today for assistance advice and to discuss the best security methods for your home.
  4. If important documents have been stolen, you will also need to contact banks, government departments and other organizations. Things to check for include bank cards, chequebooks, passports, benefit books, mobile phones, birth certificates and driver's licences. It's particularly important to contact your banks or building societies ASAP, so that they can prevent fraud and further theft.
  5. If you have a home insurance policy and want to make a claim, you will to contact the please to report the crime and obtain a crime reference number.

Agencies that can advise and assist you:

Victim Support: There are many things to do following a burglary, at Victim Support you can talk to someone who will help you consider and plan your next steps.

Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association: Neighbourhood Watch Association, brings local people closer together in an effort to reduce local crime and disorder with successful crime prevention schemes. They have also produced their own Security manual which contains important advice and information to prevent Crime and increase your home security and can be downloaded here.

Metropolitan Police Operation Bumblebee: Advice and helpful steps to protect your property. For the downloadable Burglary prevention guide please click here.

Bexley Service Areas Include:

  • Crayford
  • Upton
  • Foots Cray
  • Sidcup
  • Belvedere
  • Thamesmead
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