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Anytime Locksmiths aims to assist resident who live in the London Borough of Islington. Our service is specialised for places in Greater London with the postal codes of: EC, N, NW and WC; if you live in one of these areas and would like our assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 020 3925 3955

Anytime Locksmiths knows the London Borough of Islington extremely well, which is perfect for instant call-outs. We can offer you our services in the places that are located within Islington, such as: Angel, Barnsbury, Kings Cross and more. We are available on a 24/7 basis to give you full flexibility to get in touch with us; call us today so we can fix your lock within moments.

The services we provide are: overhauling & repairing locks, lock repair, lock-out and openings, lock replacement. We also provide services, such as: upgrades to insurance specifications and emergency exit locks & hardware, computerised key cutting, high security keys, restricted keys, and complete master key systems.

Additionally, Anytime Locksmiths provides services that cater for all types of locks; these include: restricted key operated locks, window locks, padlocks, desk locks, cabinet locks.

Stay Safe in Islington

Islington experiences anti-social behaviour more than any other crime so our services will help you to prevent being a crime target. We dedicate our time to you to ensure you feel safer and happier in your own environment.

Islington Locksmith Tip - Stay Social

Being a good neighbour allows you to help others so they can help you in times of need; this means if you have locked yourself out and need help. Being a good neighbour consists of being helpful, good communication and keeping a look-out.



What's on Islington.

Our expert 24 hour locksmith in Islington can explain
Why do the keys break?

There are several reasons why keys break inside, so you have one piece of the key in your hand and other its part inside the lock body.

  • Reason 1 - worn out inner parts of the lock or the key itself. Nothing can be done in this case - it is natural process of long-term usage.
  • Reason 2 - dirt and debris getting inside the lock mechanism. Often various objects or dust penetrate the lock body, keyholes etc.
  • Reason 3 - it can break if you try to open the lock in not a correct way or applying force - for example, the key is not fully inserted into the keyway, or by mistake, the wrong key is used.
  • Reason 4 - it can jam in the lock, and people want to extract it with an improvised tool. Naturally, metal breaks after being treated with pliers or hammer.
  • Reason 5 - finally, key defects. Manufacturers often save using inexpensive low-quality materials.

Well, we have a broken key in the lock, and we need to remove it somehow. Keeping in mind possible factors we have discussed above, try to determine the cause.

When it is dirt that bothers you, clean the mechanism from dust and grease the lock.

When you feel it is impossible to extract the piece easily, contact local locksmith. The professional has tools and skills to extract the broken part with no damage to your lock, door and budget.

Our Islington locksmiths are well-trained and experienced. We offer the first-class service and prompt work. No matter whether you live in Islington North or South or nearby.

Contact us to know more about emergency locksmith services in Islington 7 days a week.

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Islington Service Areas Include:
  • Angel
  • Farringdon
  • Archway
  • Holloway
  • Barnsbury
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